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On the afternoon of July 18, 2018, the groundbreaking ceremony and groundbreaking ceremony for the biopharmaceutical R&D and pilot platform project of Chongqing Paijin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was held in Dadi Enterprise Park, Fenghe Road, Beibei District, Chongqing. Fan Kai, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Fan Kai, Vice President Liu Riyong, Chen Qing, and the relevant departments of the company's administrative department, research and development department, production department, engineering department, pharmacology department, quality assurance department, and finance department attended the ceremony together with all employees. At the same time, the guests who attended the groundbreaking ceremony included a group of leaders from the Land Enterprise Park.

At the beginning of the groundbreaking ceremony, the company's chairman Fan developed an important speech. He first reviewed the achievements made by the company in the past stage, and made a prospect for future development. He said that thanks to everyone's solidarity and no complaints, the company has gradually grown from small to strong, from weak to strong, and has firmly occupied a territory of its own in the highly competitive bio-pharmaceutical industry. Circle

At the same time, Chairman Fan Kai did not forget to exhort everyone, the past achievements can not succumb to the willingness to forge ahead, and many honors can not be confused with the direction of progress, even if the road to development is full of setbacks, as long as it is a desire Breaking through and striving for a first-class team, all the distress will be clear and easy to solve.

In the end, the leaders and the squadrons, Yang Ti Peiji, in a peaceful and cheerful atmosphere, the groundbreaking ceremony was successfully completed.