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Core Technology
Maximal-Accessible-Sites PEGylation;MAS-PEG
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The MAS-PEG platform uses various technologies to solve the in vivo defects such as short half-life and strong immunogenicity in macromolecular drugs, and long-acting, low-immunogenicity and long-term macromolecular drugs (therapeutic enzyme) will finally be achieved.

Our key technologies are as follows:

(1)Analysis and targeted gene transformation

The tertiary structure and epitope of macromolecular proteins were analyzed by computer-aided design. The spatial structure of macromolecular proteins were genetically modified and reevaluated subsequently according to the distribution of modifiable amino acids and epitopes on the evaluation space surface to screen out new expected substantial molecules.

(2) PEG saturation modification technology and quality evaluation

Our unique PEG modification technology isapplied toanalyze and evaluatethe PEG with different structure, size and modification type, as well as the critical quality attributesduring the modification process (modification site control, modification homogeneity control, high and low molecular control, etc.), therefore theparameters of modification process can be screened outwith strong reproducibility, good stability and controllable quality.

(3) Candidate structure screening in vivo animal evaluation system

Estimate the candidate ingredients separately or jointly by in vivo animal model and evaluate the difference through the index of immunogenicity, Anti - PEG, Anti - Enzyme, Anti - PEG Enzyme, antibody type - IgM/IgG), distribution and metabolism, etc., screen out the most valuablecurative PEG protease of low immunogenicity that be repeated use and be applied to clinical treatment.