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4.Methods for the determination of extracellular bioactivity of human insulin and its analogues or conjugates
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    The invention relates to human Insulin and its analogues, including quick-acting Insulin such as Insulin aspart, Insulin Lispro, and Insulin Glulisine. Long-acting Insulin such as Insulin glargine, Insulin Detemir, Insulin Degludec, and modified conjugated compounds such as PEG conjugated Insulin Lispro and its analogues PEG conjugated Insulin Lispro and peg-gated des B30 Biotiter determination method of in vitro cell method and its application. The invention adopts the method of glucose oxidase to measure the consumption of glucose under the action of insulin in the culture medium of adipocytes after the induction of adipocytes by male rat preadipocytes in vitro, and calculate the corresponding insulin biotiter.