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8.Restructuring lacking people cutin cell growth factor Ⅰ chemical coupling
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    The invention discloses the application of polyethylene glycol (peg) molecules for restructuring missing person Ⅰ cutin cell growth factor model of chemical modification and coupling. Its characteristics based on the molecular weight of 5 k and 40 k activation polyethylene glycol (peg) molecules with N 23 amino acids missing at the end of the reorganization of cutin cell growth factor type Ⅰ (Δ23 KGF - Ⅰ) 17 cysteine free thiol covalent chemical coupling, then through column chromatography separation and purification preparation of polyethylene glycol (peg) cutin cell growth factor. Under the biological effect of retaining human keratinocyte growth factor, the conjugated compound changed its internal metabolokinetic characteristics, and had the value of prevention and treatment for gastrointestinal mucosal injury or ulcerative mucositis caused by chemoradiotherapy and acute chemical liver injury.