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Core Technology
Tandem-Expressing Peptides;TE-Peptides
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TE - Peptides platformmainly serves forbio - similar and bio - better projects, the products were designed by the proprietary patents, manufactured by high density fermentation, specialized cleaving, modification and purification skills.Compare to chemical synthesis, its’ short production cycle, high yield can considerably reduce  manufacturing costs withoutmissing peptides andoptical isomers. The key technologies are as listed:

1Tandem-Expressing Peptides Technology

Tandem-Expressing Peptides Technologyuses independent intellectual design leading peptide and connective peptide to achieve tandem-expressing. TE-peptides now has successfully designed dozens of projects and summarized a number of leading and connective peptides structures. We can assemble leading peptides and connective peptides and design tandem number by the properties of peptides.

2Specific Protein Enzymatic Cleaving Technology

TE - Peptides platform has specific protease manufacturing technology and Tandem-CleavingPeptidestechnology. Numerous commercialized enzymes can be used to cleave leading peptides and connective peptidesin recombinant fusion expression which are tolerant of denaturant or organic reagent. Our enzyme can release your processing difficulty and manufacture costs by limited relevant impurities and high efficiency.

(3)Site-specific Modification Technology

Fatty acid modification: the platform has various synthesis technologies, as well as Site-specific peptide and fatty acid modification technologies.

PEGylation: the platform has various Site-specific PEGylation technologies with different structure, size and modification type of PEG.

Processing control: our platform has established two reliable QC systems for each fatty acid modification and PEGylation. Therefore, we can established QC methods swiftly for different products and screen out dependable modification methods.